Other ServicesPlease Note the following: 

1. All prices are in Canadian dollars.
2. We are not responsible for duties and taxes, if applicable.
3. We ship worldwide at your cost and choice of shipper.
4. Shipping within Canada and Continental USA is at $15.00 per shipping tube.
5. Art items are sold unframed or framed, your choice. 
6. Framed shipping cost is additional.
7. All items are shipped once full payment is received via 
    certified cheque, bank draft or money order.

8. Copyright on each art item is retained by the artist.

1. Cost of Framing for stock and custom sizes

1.1 Stock (Standard Size) Frames, Glass, Backing and Single Matting

Standard Sizes (inches)
 Width x Length Price  Recommended-Image-Size
 8 x 10            $20.00   up to 5 x 7
 10 x 14          $30.00   up to 6 x 9
 12 x 16          $38.00   up to 8 x 11
 14 x 18          $50.00   up to 9 x 13
 16 x 20          $60.00   up to 11 x 14
 18 x 24          $80.00   up to 13 x 19
 22 x 28        $120.00   up to 16 x 22

1.2 Custom Size Frames, Glass, Backing and Single Matting

Example sizes (inches) 
 Width x Length Price   Recommended-Image-Size
 10 x 18          $45.00   up to 6 x 12
 16 x 22          $85.00   up to 10 x 16
 18 x 36        $170.00   up to 13 x 30
 32 x 40        $340.00   up to 24 x 32

1. All materials are archival quality
2. Selected Matting is cut to fit the size of the specified art work
3. Various matting effects can be provided at additional cost such as: 
- Floating (add 10%), double matting (add 30%), etc.
4. Prices do not include art works, which are priced separately
5. Packaging and Shipping billed extra at cost

2. Art Item Limited Edition Prints

2.1 Limited Edition Prints of Painted Art Works

Approximate dimensions (inches) and pricing of print 
 Width x Length Price (see #4 below)
 8.5 x 11         $60.00
 8.5 x 16         $90.00
 13 x 19        $120.00
 13 x 32        $200.00

1. These prints are Serialized and signed by the artist. 
2. Serialized prints vary in number; usually #n of 20 or 30 or 50.
3. Depending on the original painting, prints are on Epson Watercolour or Matte Paper. 
4. Please note: Prices may vary from the above, depending on original art 
    item value and the number of limited edition prints produced.
Please e-mail a request for a price by referencing the name of the painting

2.2 Re-prints of Photographic Works

Standard sizes

 Width x  Length Price
 8.5 x 11          $20.00
 9.5 x 13          $30.00
 11 x 14           $40.00
 13 x 19           $50.00

Custom sizes:

Widths: 8.3 in and 13 in, with Lengths: up to 44 in

Custom Printing is done at $0.20 / sq-in

For Example 13 x 32    $85.00 

1. These re-prints are Serialized and signed by the artist.
2. Serialized prints vary in number; usually #n of 20 or 30 or 50.
3. Depending on the original photograph, prints are on 
     Epson Matte or Semi Glossy paper using archival inks.
4. NOTE: Packaging and Shipping are billed extra at cost.

3. Other Services

For each of these services a personal discussion with the
customer is recommended. See contact.

3.1 Scanning Prints and Image Restoration

Each print or image scan is $6.00 for up to 8.5 x 11 size.
I can also scan any flat object up to up to 24 x 32 in. which for
example would be 20 individual images stitched together
to create the final image at a cost of $25.00.

Each final scanned image includes proper cropping,
initial colour correction, image cleanup and an initial review with
the customer via e-mail. The full size scan in TIF format and a
smaller JPG image will be copied to a CD or DVD - see 3.3.

3.2 Scanning Slides, Colour Negatives and Image Restoration

Each 35 mm slide or colour negative is scanned with a Nikon Coolscan
V ED at a maximum resolution of 4000 dpi at a cost of $6.00.
This includes proper cropping, rotation, initial color correction,
image cleanup and initial review with the customer via e-mail.
The full size scan in TIF format and a smaller
JPG image will be copied to a CD or DVD - see 3.3.

3.3 CD or DVD creation

The cost of producing is $4.00 for any number of images that will fit
on the media and shipping a CD or DVD to a customer
is $3-10.00 depending on location.

3.4 DVD Slide show Creation

A slide show of images can be created to customer requirements.
The cost is based on an hourly rate of $10.00. For example 50 images
with text, title, NTSC format burned to a DVD and shipped might
be $50.00.

3.5 Large Format Prints

I can create prints of customer images up to 13 x 19 inches on  a
variety of paper such as glossy, semi-glossy, matte or others.
All print papers and inks are Epson archival quality.
See 2.2 above. The customer print cost will be 1/2 of those figures.

I can also recommend larger format printers such as Vistek
in Calgary, AB

3.6 Wedding and Special Event Photography

I have done many weddings and special events.
Please contact me via e-mail for information on process
and requirements.

3.7 Website Creation

I can create any type of website for a customer.
This includes initial edit and test site, the transfer to a customer
owned domain and internet service provider.
Cost for creation of a simple four page site would range upward
from $40.00. Please contact me via e-mail .

3.8 Photo-book Creation via many publishers

I have investigated many personal book publishers.
They vary in quality, style and format, so much so that quoting any
cost is very variable. For example a simple 10 x 13 in, 20 page book might
range in cost via the publishers from $80 - 150. Plus my time to create
the 20 pages with appropriate text would be in the order of $ 50.00.
Please contact me via phone or e-mail .

3.9 Computer Servicing

I can backup, cleanup, resolve virus problems and install new programs
to a customer's Windows based PC. This usually takes from 10 - 15 hours
but I charge a flat rate of $ 75.00 for basic cleanup work.

I can upgrade a customer's PC with new hardware such as more memory,
better graphics card, larger hard drive etc., or migrate a total system
to new hardware which I can build to customer specifications. I can also
migrate a customer to use a dual-boot Windows - Linux system.
Costs for this are variable and would require detailed discussions and a quote.

My personal setup is based on the powerful and free Linux operating system
and Open Source Software. (See Information)

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