Images from the Middle East

Includes Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE

Saudi Arabia

Plants of the desert, Saudi Arabia

Date Palms (2)
Colours of Time, south of Riyadh
Natural Arch, south of Riyadh

Eroded rock formations (3)
Fording an overnight river

Winter rain, north of Ryhad (2)
Arabian Gulf, south of Ad Dammam

Camel Souk, north of Riyadh

How they get to market
How they are loaded
Desert birth
A wedding gift

What they eat
Camel thorn bush
Close-up of thorns
Close-up of Camel

Goat Herder in Desert, west of Riyadh

Shade on walking trails, Diplomatic Quarter
Roadside souk
Store in old quarters souk

Fort Abu Jifran, east ofRiyadh
Old Ad Dir'iyad west of Riyadh
Old well
Al Faisal Tower, downtownRiyadh

ROC Compund
Mosque at Sunset
Wide streets in Riyadh

Sand storm in winter

Fog over cliffs, north of Riyadh
Red sands, west of Riyadh (2)
Wadi northwest of

Red sands, west of Riyadh (2)
Edge of the World, escarpment west of
Camping Hidden Valley

Camping Painted Valley (2)
Pictographs, west of Riyadh

Hidden Valley, south of Riyadh

Painted Valley
Red sands (2)
Black scorpion

Desert lizard
Steppe eagle
Frog in Shai'bin Pool

Desert Plant Seed Pod


Staues of Karnak Temple in Luxor

Columns of Karnak Temple

Edu Temple

Abu Simbal

Feluccas on the Nile,

Nile River Fisherman, Crocodile Island, Luxor

Tomb of Ramses II, Valley of the Kings

The Sphinx and Karfre Pyramid, Giza, Cairo

United Arab Emerites

Downtown Dubai from walkway

Downtown Dubai from a
dhow on the Dubai Creek

Sunset over Dubai

Dubai Inrernational Airport