Images from Alberta, Canada


Black bear feeding, Waterton National Park

Moose, Beavermines Lake Provincial Park

Elk jumping a fence line, Beavermines

Lost,, forest fire area above Hillcrest

Bison, Elk Island National Park

Mountain Sheep, Crowsnest Pass

Mountain Bluebird, North Burmis Road, CNPass

Mountain Sheep, Waterton Narional Park

Moose, North Burmis Road, CNPass

Mule deer, Porcupine Hills, east of CNPass


Spring Pasture, Gladstone Rd, north of Beavermines

Back from summer pasture, south of Pincher Creek

Fall pasture, Pincher Ridge

Bull Elk, Banff National Park


Balsam Root Flowers, Frank Slide

Balsam Root Flowers near Pincher Ridge

Close-up of pine needles, CNPass

Close-up of pine needles and moss

Back lit Crocus, North Bermis Road

Crocus and the Livingstone Range

Bumble bees on thistle in burn area, CNPass

Alberta Wild Rose

Glacier Lilly

Shooting Star

Fall Colours,, East End, near Drumheller


Clouds north of Prairie Bluff, west of Pincher Creek

Fog spilling through the gap CNPass

Fall colours, Frank Slide

Clouds above Livingstone Range

Storm over the Crowsnest Pass

Fall Colours, Prairie Bluff

Thunder Storm, west of Edmonton

Field east of the Oldman River

Moonset above Philips Peak, CNPass

Chinook Effects, above Lundbreck

Fence-line, above CNPass

Wheat-field, near Drumheller

Thunderstorm, Little Fish Lake, east of Drumheller

Early Snow, north of Waterton National Park

Cedar Wax Wing on Mountain Ash, CNPass

Oil Well Rig, Longview

CP Rail west end of the CNPass

Morning Campfire, Livingstone River Valley

CP Rail No. 2816 pulling out of the Crowsnest Valley

CP Rail No. 2816 running past the Oldman Reservoir

View East from the Foothills, west of Pincher Creek

Hoodoos, near Eastend and Drumheller

Badlands in Dinosaur Provincial Park

On Pincher Ridge, looking west

Old Limber Pine and Lenticular Clouds on Snake River Road, Oldman River Valley

Sunsets and Sunrises

Sunset over Crowsnest  Pass

Sunset over Crowsnest Mountain, CNPass

Sunset on Lees Lake

Smokey Sunset , west of Hillcrest Mines, CNPass

Sunset, near Warner

Salmon Sunrise, Crowsnest Mountain

Sunrise, Crowsnest Pass

Sunrise on Wind Turbines, Pincher Creek

Sunset, Writing on Stone Provincial Park, Milkriver

Sunrise on Mount Blakiston, Waterton National Park

Lakes and Rivers

Livingstone Range Reflection, North Burmis Road

Beaver Pond, Racehorse Creek, north of CNPass

Waterfall on Drywood Creek, Drywood Mountain

Afternoon Watering, Castle River, west of Pincher 

Morning Mist, Waterton Lake National Park, AB

Autumn in the Gap, Oldman River, Livingstone Range

Crystal Water, Blakiston Creek, Waterton Park

Freeze up on the Castle River, west of Pincher Creek

Autumn Colours, Upper Waterton Lake

Storm on Upper Waterton Lake

Fly Fishing a Quiet Pool, west of Pincher Creek

Hard Day, Upper Waterton Lake

Island Lake Reflection ,CNPASS

Lundbreck Falls, east of the CNPass

Spider Web and Dew, north of Medicine Hat

Blakiston Creek, Waterton Provincial Park